COVID-19 Disclaimer

Disclaimer re: Timing of Shipments.

In response to extreme demand for reusable face masks around the world stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to guarantee a date of delivery for the vast majority consumers.  

Although we are striving to ship every order within two (2) days of receiving payment from customers, there is the unavoidable potential for delay resulting from unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as a disruption in our logistical supply chain.   

If there are any unexpected delays associated with your order, then you will be contacted via E-mail at the address that you have provided and offered the opportunity to obtain a full refund.  

Disclaimer re: Use of Product. 

Seller hereby advises all customers that the products provide by seller are not medical devices and are not intended to be used as such.  

Instead, the products distributed by Seller are “general-purpose mask kits,” consisting of one Face Mask and one “general purpose-filter.”  

The effectiveness of using a face mask and/or a “general purpose-filter” are contingent upon the user fitting the mask to their head appropriately.  However, Seller cannot guarantee that customers will remain free from exposure to COVID-19 or other unwanted air pollutants when properly using face masks and/or general purpose-filters.

Seller hereby notifies all customers that neither the face-masks nor the general purpose-filters have been tested by any agency, department, or individual within the United States Federal Government. 

The Central for Disease Control (the “CDC”) has issued new guidance encouraging all individuals to wear masks anytime that they leave their home, which can be viewed at the following website: